Shipping Info

How Long does Shipping Take?

Currently, due to the global excuse of c*vid, shippers and fulfillers take about 1-2 weeks to fulfill orders worldwide from the time the order is placed.

Where do you Ship to?

Shirts and Pump Covers ship worldwide, Hats currently only ship to Canada and the USA.

How is shipping priced?

There is an initial shipping cost for each product type, as different products ship from different locations. Shipping rates are calculated at checkout, but there is an initial shipping cost for each product type. For Orders over 36$, there is no additional shipping cost for additional products.

For example, shipping to the USA is $3.99 for one tee, and $6.50 for 3 or more tees.

Another example, if you ordered a pump cover and a tee to the US, shipping would be 3.99(Tee cost) + 6.50(Pump cover cost) = $10.49