About BasedCreations

Our Story

BasedCreations is a collective of lifters that make apparel that suits a specific niche of weightlifters. This brand was founded in early 2021 after realizing the brands that once stood by lifters and supported growth now began to support weakness and degeneracy, instead of promoting growth and tradition.

Based lifting... it is an identity and way of life. The pursuit of wisdom and inner peace through effort while preserving values of family, religion and dogma. We do a small amount of trolling, yes. But this is a result of our place in society that we've been given, constantly being told we are doing something wrong by pursuing strength and aesthetics, promoting masculinity and a classical way of life...

We troll others via our apparel, yes. But we do it to spread our message and bring awareness that there is a better way for young men to live their lives, without fear of banishment from society, with strength and self-sufficiency.\


Our Designs

We produce a variety of designs based on what is relevant in the based lifting biosphere. We use artistic techniques and combine digital art with the messages we wish to promote, creating beautiful apparel that is suited for our lifters to wear in the gym



We print our designs on demand, meaning we keep luxury blank apparel items and complete manufacturing as designs are ordered. This way, we can be more sustainable and truly experiment with designs that maybe only one or two people may want.

This differentiates us from profit-driven brands whose goals are to make designs that maximize relatibility to the masses to sell as much as possible


Our Product Catalogue

Most of our designs are available on all of the products we offer, which we will list in this section:

NOTE ON WASHING TO PRESERVE PRINT: Our designs are printed using DTG printing techniques, and the print is often more sensitive to rupturing. We recommend turning your apparel inside out before putting it into the wash, and to only use cold or warm water (this is generally good advice anyways.)

Classic Tee

The cheapest option. We print our funny shirts on these, as most people do not want a ridiculous design on an expensive high-quality shirt. That said, these are still very nice shirts with high quality prints. Colors ranging from black to white, including navy.

These tees are printed on Gildan 64000 Softstyle Tees. A nice, soft cotton shirt that doesn't fit too tight, but isn't overly loose and boxy. Fits true to size.

Fitted Tee

These come in a wide variety of colours, fit nicely on the arms and chest. Higher quality than the Classic Tee but provides a similar fit, slightly tighter around the arms.

Printed on Bella + Canvas Staple Tees. A durable yet soft material, with beautiful colors and nicely fitted around the arms and chest when purchased true to size. Order a size up for a loose pump cover look.

Heavyweight Tee

These are beautful. A definite step up from the classic tee in terms of thickness, fit and color. Very high quality shirts that you will be happy to wear daily. This variant is the best.

Printed on Comfort Colors 1717 Garment-Dyed Heavyweight Tees. Structured and relaxed fit, durable cotton yet breathable. Super soft cotton ensures it is comfortable for any occasion. 

Tank Top

These are classic Tank Tops. These are of very high quality, and something you will love to wear in and out of the gym. Same style cut as your average tank top.

Printed on Bella + Canvas 3480 Tank tops. 100% cotton, sturdy construction yet soft and malleable. Very high quality tank tops.

Cutoff Tank

Cutoff Tanks. These are similar to what you would come from cutting the sleeves off of one of our Fitted Tees. However, it comes pre-done for you and with durable stitched construction. A far superior option. Usually preferrable for gym shirts over the tank top.

Printed on Bella + Canvas 3483 Muscle Shirts. Provides a relaxed fit, and wide low-cut armholes. 100% cotton, with a soft and malleable yet durable construction.


We picked lightweight, comfortable fleece hoodies, with print that soaks into the fabric for very high print lifespan. Overall, they look and feel amazing.

Printed on Hanes P170 fleece hoodies. 50/50 Cotton Polyester mix, with incredible print quality and durability. Fits true to size, order a size up for a larger fit. Has a matching coloured drawcords with plastic tips.

Pump Cover (Sweatshirt)

Pump Covers, Sweatshirts, Jumpers, Whatever they're called. These are beautiful, lightweight fleece sweatshirts with the perfect fit. The print soaks right into the fleece and looks amazing and will last through whatever conditions it is put through.

Printed on Hanes P160 fleece sweatshirts. 50/50 Cotton Polyester mix, with incredible print quality and durability. Fits true to size for a regular fit, order a size up for a larger fit.  Ribbed cuffs and waistband.


An all-over print flag. With two iron grommets. Perfect for your room, living room, home gym, public gym. These are very high quality large flags that you can hang proudly.